28th October, 2010- Kathmandu to Jiri

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Kathmandu to Jiri

Today was a terrific beginning to our trek through the Solu Khumbu. We awoke to sunny skies in Kathmandu, with a clear view of the nearby mountain range. What was extra special being able to get cable television and watch the San Francisco Giants annihilate the Texas Rangers. When we loaded our vehicle for the ride to Jiri, the score was 11 to 4. Go Giants! But back to the trekking. Our ride was spectacular, with fantastic scenery at every turn of a windy, up and down road. It was amazing to consider that crossing one bridge over blue, milky glacier river water, we could continue straight to Tibet or make a right hand turn to remain in Nepal. We stopped for a typical lunch, which was spicy and tasty.

The group is very happy to be out of the hectic scene in Kathmandu, and as I sit here writing this, we are camped under a cold, starry sky with the occasional shooting star. Wongchu Sherpa and Mingmar Sherpa are leading us, which is a special situation, and we spent much of the bus ride learning about Wongchu’s history, from childhood to present times. The theme is of hard work and a passion for the mountains. Tomorrow morning we will begin to walk, and if the weather holds up, we are in for an incredible journey without the usual crowds, such as on the Annapurna or Everest Base Camp treks. This is a welcome break from the work teaching and helping to launch the Nepal Ambulance Service in Kathmandu. Everyone affiliated with that effort is working very hard to provide a much-needed service for Kathmandu and for Nepal. So, we are off to a great start, and look forward to sharing our adventure with you. Namaste!

 Paul Auerbach

Getting into Van for drive to Jiri
Mt.GauriShankar view from Charikot
Numbur himal range view from Mude (From Half way to Jiri)
Group on half way to Jiri, at Mude
Group arriving in Jiri
Camping scene at night in Jiri (Frist night camping)