27 March, 2010- Helambu Valley

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Group Picture

Helambu Valley  
When we woke up in the morning, it was still frosty in the grass. Sky was clear and for the first time we had to eat breakfast with our jackets on. As we started our descent down the Helambu valley it soon got warmer. When we stopped for a while, Nigma showed us a picture of himself standing at the top of Mount Everest holding a Nepalese flag. He has reached the summit twice and we feel  honoured to be in his company.  Tendi as well as many other sherpas in our group are also very experienced and have been trekking and climbing in many parts of the Himalaya.
Hanging bridge

We had lunch in the small village of Melamchi Goan and said Good Bye to most of our porters and cook Rinji. We headed down to Melamchi River and at the bottom of the valley we crossed the river over a slightly swinging hanging bridge.      At this point we had descended 1600 m since this morning and now we had only 600 meters of climbing before reaching Tarkegyang. It was a relief to climb again! We passed a monastery and a stupa. Here Tendi told us about the birth of Buddha. He was actually born in the south of Nepal. We are now sitting in the kitchen of the tea house without electricity. Here as well as in many other places in Nepal they only have electricity for a few hours every day.

Monastry of Tarkegang

We have been served salty Sherpa tea and now the family is preparing the dinner over open fire. Tomorrow will be our last day of trekking. Puss och kram till er dar hemma