26 March, 2010- Rhododendron forest

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rhododendron forest  
The day started with tea in the tent and breakfast outdoors. We ascented through the rhododendron forest, with flowers in pink, white and red.  Our trail passed a small Buddhist stupa. Tendi told us that all sherpas from the villages come here in February each year to celebrate Lhosar(new year). They decorate the stupas with colorful prayer flags, bringing gifts of gold and wheat to put inside the stupa. We continued up until we reached a tea house in Pangu. We bought some handicraft from the nice family living there . Shortly after we arrived at our lunch camp in Magen Goth. Here we stopped for one and a half hour to enjoy lunch and to rest in the sun.
Stupa of Kutumsang

Climbing crew, we felt that the air was getting thinner as we passed the altitude 3000 m. Or maybe it was just us getting more tired Tendi and Nigma carved a mixer made of Juniper, for making the special Tibetan tea, made of milk butter and salt. We passed some yaks and some horses on the way to the top. Finally we reached Tharepati at 3600 m. Our night camp was situated on a ridge and we had breathtaking views in both directions with snow capped mountains in the distance. Before going to bed, Rinji made us a really nice “fredagsmys”(cozy Friday) with pizza, popcorn and a cake. The stars were shining at us in the cold night as we entered our tents to have our beauty sleep. 

(We have had problems with electricity and mobile coverage so we have not been able to send any messages home)