25 March, 2010- Beautiful face of love

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Beautiful face of love  


Ngima woke us up at 6.30 with a cup of tea. After packing we had a delicious breakfast consisting of Nepalese pancakes, porridge and eggs. We were a little disappointed to see that the light fog was still disturbing the view. On a clear day,it is usually possible to see all the way to Annapurna south from here. We started the trek in a descent, passing the terraces where the farmers grow wheat,  corn and potatoes.    At the bottom of the valley, we walked through a village called Pati Banjang, meaning house between hills. Just above the village, there was a village
development committee meeting taking place. Tendi overheard that they were discussing where to build a new road to Katmandu.
Kristina and Trygve got some yellow flowers from children we met on the way. Now the trail took us steep upwards passing terraces and small houses. We passed by the primary school of Chipling and soon after we took a break to drink water. Tendi and Kristina played with a black puppy, that tried to eat up their shoes. At the lunch stop, at 2450 m, Rinji prepared us a tasty lunch consisting of Tibetan bread, cauliflower and fried potatoes with herbs. Back on the trail again, tendi told us about the local tradition of marriages in this village. It is still common with


arranged marriages. Tendi said it is only in the city that they know about love…. We walked down the hill to Gol Banjang and turned up again on the opposite hill side.

On the grassy slope, we heard children calling at the sherpas who were climbing up the hill ahead of us. Suddenly we saw a girl sitting in a tree cutting down leaves for the cows. Tendi talked to herand she told him she is ten years old and now is on a twenty day leave from school. During her time off, she has to help her family. Her name is Ropimaya, meaning “beautiful face of love”. Shy at first, the children agreed to us taking some pictures of them. They were happy to watch the pictures on the display of the camera, laughing and joking with each other. We climbed up to trhe top of the hill and from here we had some really nice views overlooking, the valley and the terraces in the afternoon sun. Now we are in Kutumsang, relaxing after a long day.