23 March, 2010- Mountain Flight and sightseeing

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Mountain Flight and sightseeing  

The morning started very early for some of us. Our guide Tendi, met Trygve at 0530 and took him to the airport for a mountain flight.  The flight was a bit delayed, due to weather conditions,  but after some waiting, the flight took off for the scenic ride to the Everest area.

When he came back, Kristina and Monika joined them for a short trip to Durbar square of  Patan.  We visited the golden temple and Tendi told us about the beautiful different temples. 

The atmosphere of Kathmandu is very intense, with many things happening at the same time, and so much to look at.  Also traffic is very busy. 

After Patan,  we all went to the office of Peak Promotions, were Monika had a meeting with , Wongchhu and Tendi, discussing future plans. Monika also met with Rupa and Neeru working at the office.  Kristina and Trygve went out to by gaters in Thamel while waiting.  After a nice lunch break , we explored Thamel by foot, and bought some nice souvenirs. 

Neeru helpes us with a taxi, and driving back to the hotel we passed by group of  Newari  celebrating with  a colorful parade.

In the evening Monika and Kristina went to see Mats, who used to work with Aventyrsresor as a guide. Now he is working in Kathmandu with enviromental projects, focusing mostly on water supply.  They had a very nice time there.