26 March, 2010 - Departure from Kathmandu

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before departure at international airport in Kathmandu

Friday, 26th of March- Departure

After a relaxed Friday morning with some additional shopping, we where picked up for transfer to the airport. Everybody was given those yellow shawls as a final greeting from our Nepal friends.

At the airport we realized that the flight out of Kathmandu to Delhi was delayed, and finally we got the message the the flight was postponed.

So on advice from the airline company we had to spend the night at the outermost luxury hotel any could think of, not only in Kathmandu but in any place of the globe.

Saturday, 27th of March

In the morning we were picked for transfer to the airport.

Then due to the delay in departure, the whole trip had to be reorganized, meaning we had to pass not only Delhi but also Abu Dabi.

Sunday 28th of March - Arrived in Gothenburg, Sweden
Finally, we arrived to Gothenburg on Sunday afternoon, all a bit exhausted but with many nice memories from the past two weeks.