25 March, 2010 - Mountain Flight

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Thursday, 25th of March- Mountain Flight and Watabaran School-

We had an early morning, 5.30 wake up. Then 6.00 we went to the airport for the “Mountain Flight”.

In our age, its very rare to climb Mount Everest, but by flying to there, you can at least see it. A modern Turbo Prop took us up to the mountains, and the most fantastic view was there. All the summits could be counted, and finally also the peak of Mount Everest was spotted.

A u-turn and we went back to Kathmandu.

Then we had a few hours shopping in Thamel, followed by a visit to the Watabaran School. We were greeted by all the children, and got a tour of the new school building.

                at watabaran School

Back to our hotel, and then we were picked up for the most pleasant dinner, with the trekking team and the partners of Peak Promotion.

Tomorrow we are going back to Sweden, and a final update after arriving to Sweden will follow.