18 March, 2010 -Poon Hill- 3210m

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  The 50+ Group- Poon Hill

Thursday, 18th of March, 2010 - Poon Hill

Early in the morning wake up, 4.30. Quickly dressed, and then a cup of tea.

Out in the dark to start the climbing the remaingn 300 meters up to Poon Hill to see the sun rise. Lot of trekkers were out this morning for climibing the peak.



We arrived in time for seeing the first sun hitting the Dhaulagiri Peak, (8,172 meter). There on the top, we were welcomed by a banner celebrating our altitude record.  We were now on 3210 meters altitude.  Fantastic scenery. It was all worth the climbing effort.

            Congratulation banner -poonhill

Now, there were photographing and filming in all directions. The oldest member of the 50+ team was interviewed; you can see it on the daily video update.

Ulla-Christina Olsson and Björn Olsson
Back to the hotel for breakfast and preparation for today trekking. Today the target was Tadapani. The trekking included both high altitude (above 3000 meters), and jungle aside gorges. Lots of Rhododendron trees all the way, and the beautiful scenery.


                          Mt. Dhaulagiri
Pia Tingbäck Fredholm
and Sten  Fredholm
Leif  Larsson and Mona  Karlsson
Pia and Amar lama


The 50+ Adventure Nepal Tour Group -poonhill

At the end of the day, we experienced some rain, and arrived finally at the Grinded Hill four in the afternoon.

In the evening after a nice dinner there were a dance evening together with local people at the village.
A long day, with good exercise and many impressions will ensure a really good night sleep.