December 16, 2009 -Back to Kathmandu

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trafic in the way to Kathmandu


Back to Kathmandu

After waking up at a warm sandy riverbend in a tent we head up to Kathmandu by a local bus. Journey would have been about 3 hours but due to heavy traffic jam it took more than 5 hours. Climbing trek was succesfull, except Pasi's unfortunate altitude sickness. Even Timo made the summit, we'll have to remember that the journey itself and this beautifull country is more important than the destination. We'd like to thank all our staff (6 porters, IT support and Nima and Pemba) and all the people at Peak Promotion for making our trip to Nepal so unforgettable again. 

Timo and Malla are heading now for Tibet and the story will continue another year...