December 15, 2009 -White water!

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Pemba, Malla & Timo ready for Rafting


White water!

There has been some power cuts in the last days and we also had to pack in candle light before six in the morning. It took three hours with the morning bus from Pokhara direction Katmandu and we were at the starting point for rafting. Clothes off, life vests and helmets on and we were on the raft.

It was first time for Malla and Pemba, second for Timo, somewhat exciting. "All forward" and "Hang on" were our most important orders from the captain. Two hours along the river, starting from easier rapids to more difficult ones. We got totally wet; the water was cold but the excitement kept us warm enough. Sometimes the raft was nearly under the waves, sometimes floting over them. Pempa and Malla like rafting at this level but Timo was asking for more challenges.

rafting guide dressing up Malla


Pemba still smiling

Timo & Malla ready for rafting

After the exercise we had lunch by the beach where we also put up the tents for the night. Camping once again, this time at low altitude by the river Trisuli.

having a great lunch after rafting

Our camp site by the river Trisuli