December 14, 2009 - Pokhara

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Malla & Timo (backround Fewa lake)



We took a taxi to Pokhara in the morning. Nima left us right after we got there and here we are just the three of us now. Pemba went to see after the bus for tomorrow, we have to be somewhere (?) for rafting at 10.30.

In Pokhara there is a nice hotel with bath room of course and we took a hot shower right after the arrival. A walk along the riverside and around the tourist area proved that the season is over, still almost all the shops were open, but no tourists anywhere. Or as it seems, everybody else who is here is paragliding.  

The weather in Pokhara is getting colder as winter is really approaching. Hope the water is not too cold!  

Timo and Malla