December 13, 2009 - Back from the mountains

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Malla, Ngima & porters walking to Dampus

Back from the mountains

The last hiking day began warm going mainly uphill. But then started the long downhill, sky was suddenly cloudy (we were in them actually) and it got very cold. We were quite quick with descanting because of the cold. So we kind of "hit the highway" .

Surprisingly soon and the peaceful and pure air and nature of the mountains were behind us. Not so happy about that but satisfied with the successful trip!

The porters continued to Pokhara and KTM same evening. We took a group photo, had a cup of rakxi and thanked them before saying goodbye. The porters are really something, so strong and hardy, nice and polite. Thank you!

Group picture in Dampus


Malla giving donation for school

Malla & Timo at local teahouse in Dampus


It's only the four of us now and also Nigma will be leaving tomorrow from Pokhara. Pemba will try the rafting with us.