December 12, 2009 - Hot Springs

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in the hot spring


Hot Springs

The morning started with a visit to the Hot Springs! It was a lovely place in the jungle by the river, hot water coming from inside the ground pouring to the river. In between they had built some pools, where you can lay, temperatures varying between 30 and 40 degrees. We also took a dive to the cold river and then back to the hot pool. Paradise on earth it was!
We hiked some three hours from the springs to Landruk, a nice village on a hill. There is already permanent habitant here, so everything works and you can get almost anything.

Ngima and Malla on the way to Landruk

Otherwise we have been wondering about begging cats at lunch. We thought only dogs do that but here also cats! They come to the table when you start eating and beg for food. We did not even know that it is possible with cats, that they know how to do that.

We have one more day and night to reach the highway and from there to Pokhara. We really enjoy the trekking now, taking it easy and comfortable. And so it seems also for the rest of the crue, we see them smiling all the time.