December 11, 2009 - From Doban to Jhinu

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Timo, Malla and Ngima walking on the way to Sinuwa



climbing up to Sinuwa

Nepalese flat

From  Doban to Jhinu 
We are very low now, it's warm even in the evening and we are drinking wine! Actually Malla is having wine and Timo beer and local drinks, rom and rakxi. Anyway, it's time to relax a little after hard times on the mountains. In the morning we are going to take a bath in the hot springs!

So the day was Nepalese flat, down and up, one horizontal kilometer took us three hours. The last downhill was very steep and hot, but there was a shower waiting for us!

We met some nice trackers, at dinner with them and had lots of fun. For the first time we are up at eight!