December 10, 2009 - Decenting from the High Camp

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Malla (backgraund--glacier)


Decenting from the High Camp

We left the snow line at High Camp at 4740 m and started the long decent. The day was really warm and it was burning hot over the glazier. We just passed A.B.C and continued to M.B.C passing it too.

Ngima and Malla walking down

We were to reach as far as Dobhan at 2600 m which we also did. Total decent was over two kilometers and we could feel it in our legs. But finally we were at low altitude where it was warm and nice. Our lodge was in the mountain hill in rhododendron jungle by a water fall. Timo took the beer he deserved but we are saveing the celebration for later because it is still a long way down. Still quite normal trekking from now on.