December 09, 2009 - Summit Day

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Ngima and Timo on summit



We had good news Pasi is just fine and is heading to kathmandu.

Timo climbing up

Timo, Ngima and Pemba left at 4:30 am.
Towards the summit. They reached the summit at 10:00 am. we could hear shouts at the highcamp.

Timo: I was very Exhausted from the very beginning. legs were heavy and breathing difficult but with some strange strenght I kept on going. on the way. there was rock climbing,snow walking glaziers and huge 50 digry ice wall. the last hour was a very narrow ridge towards the summit with high falls both side. comeing down was as hard as going up. I could have never made it without the skills and help of Ngima and Pemba.

Timo and Pemba on the summit


Malla: I was sick with worry if not other wise. and it is till a long way down tomorrow. so far so good!


view of Annapurna 2 and -4 from the summit