December 07, 2009 -Getting ready for Tharpu Chuli

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Ngima and Malla above the ABC

Getting ready for Tharpu Chuli

Unfortunately our team has got smaller. Pasi was feeling sick the whole night. Slight headache, overall weakness and some lack of cordination. Very likely AMS (accute mountain sicknes) symptoms. He decided to go down while he was in good condition to manage by himself. We miss him of course and hope he will be fine and get better soon in lower altitude.

Malla and Timo hiked 350 m higher to a hill top to acclimatize more. Otherwise it was just resting. Pempa and porters took some stuff to high camp allready today so not so much to carry tomorrow. It took them three and a half hours, for us six hours... We start early in the morning and hopefully reach the summit day after tomorrow. Untill then.