December 06, 2009 - Independence day at Annapurna base camp (A.B.C)

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Machhapuchre morning view from M.B.C.

Independence day at Annapurna base camp (A.B.C.)

Oi maamme Suomi synnyinmaa! Finnish independence day at A.B.C. A short and very slow two and a half hours hike from M.B.C to A.B.C, total gain 500 m. Altitude is beginning to have an effect. Pasi is showing some symtoms of AMS, hedache and nausea. He has been resting and rehydrating all day. Actually we have all been resting, reading and walking around admiring the views.

Malla per flag ( backround Tharpu Chuli)

Before sun set we raised the Finninsh flag and sang the National anthem.

Pasi, Malla and Timo with Finninsh flag


Sunset view from A.B.C.