November 30, 2009 - A hot climb

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Crossing river

A hot climb

After breakfast at 7 we were admiring the majestic profile of Macchapuchre, the Fish tail mountain. It was beautifully visible in the clear and cold morning. The grade of the path steepened rapidly and the weather was getting hotter. After lunch at Tirkhedunga we climbed sobering 3421 rock steps to gain a further 500 meters in altitude to reach our next camp site at Ulleri. The total climb today was about 1300 meters, but because of the bus delay yesterday we are now one day behind schedule. Tomorrow we hike to Gorephani and try to catch up with the schedule later, when the planned hiking days are shorter. Hopefully we can get this cast through tomorrow as we are having trouble with satellite communication. Great feeling having clean underwear, firs time since leaving Helsinki four days ago!