Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

18 May 2009 : C4 (South Col)

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Rohan at C4

C4 (South Col)

Last night I slept on Oxygen and I slept like a rock star, almost like I was in my own bed. This was my first experience with Oxygen and I was loving it. Kame joined Pemba and I at about 7 AM and we left for C4 at about 8 AM, a little later than we wanted to, but no sweat.

Climbing on Oxygen for me was awesome. We were moving a little slow at first because the line of climbers to C4 was long and slow. We passed a bunch of people and that really helped us to move a bit faster. Oxygen is good when you get it! Once we got to the South Col, we fixed our tent, or should I say Pemba and Kame fixed our tent. Watching them working in the thin air of 26,000 feet without Oxygen was painful for me. At this point it made me realized they hadn't been on Oxygen as yet. Once the tent was up the three of us relaxed in the tent waiting for the Mount Everest summit express.

I couldn't sleep one bit, so I just lay there waiting for Kame and Pemba to give me the word.