Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

13 May 2009 : The Meal Plan...

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Karma making one of his may trips to keep me fed

The docs have decided that I've lost too much weight, so I've been put on a meal plan since my return to BC from Camp 2. Beginning yesterday I've been eating 5 times per day and cleaning my plate each time. With this insatiable appetite, I'm hoping to gain some weight and much needed strength for the summit push. I'll let you know how it goes before our next summit departure.

Base camp has been pretty edgy with most climbers waiting to decide when their next summit push will be. Weather reports have been floating around, but nothing substantial as yet. As for our crew, we'll make a decision on our next summit bid in the next day or so. Right now we're taking a much needed mental and physical break from climbing.

If you have been following other Everest sites then you'll no doubt have heard of the two Sherpa’s that were methanol-poisoned by black market alcohol a couple days ago. One Sherpa died and the other was in a coma and presumed dead several times. The very good news is that after the ingenuity of several medical staff working with the HRA docs the survived Sherpa came out of his coma. High winds, clouds and snow have prevented his evacuation until today culminating in a festive feeling around base camp. Give a toast to Torrey and Eric and the other medical staffs in base camp for their hard work and successful efforts. Go to www.everester.org for more info.