Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

11 May 2009 : C2 to EBC

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Dave Hahn, Rohan and 17 yo Erica (youngest American female)

Quite an interesting day!!! We woke up early for the descent to EBC, so that we can get through the icefall before the sun hits it. As it turns out we did not need to worry about the sun because it snowed most of the way down. Needless to say, as soon as we got out of the tent we checked Everest summit and the Lhotse face for signs of climbers - none. The summit was getting hit pretty hard. We packed up, locked the tents and started the descent to EBC. Later we heard that the South Col climbers did not get a summit attempt and were on their way down. One IMG climber took a bad spill on the Lhotse face, broke a few ribs and was helped down.

We ran into Dave Hahn and Erica at the top of the icefall. Erica is 17 yo is trying to become the youngest American female to summit.

Back in BC, Pemba and I were very tired and just chilled out. Lots of people in our camp today. Daniel and Erik both visited today and it was nice to catch up with them and to find out what other expeditions are doing and thinking.