Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

8 May 2009 : EBC to ABC

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Rohan and Pam of Altitude Junkies at C2

Today was a very workman-like day. We got an early start to avoid the icefall when the sun hits it. As we moved up the icefall several sherpas passed us on their way to search the avalanche area again for the missing Sherpa. It was a somber mood as Pemba, Kame and I moved through the avalanche area with the many sherpas scattered around working diligently in a business-like fashion. It definitely churned my stomach.

We took a nice respite at C1 to refuel and then headed out to C2. We encountered two groups along the way that were also going to C2 with an intended summit date of May 11th. Somewhere between C1 and C2 Pemba brought up the idea to me that we should also try to summit on May 11th. What I said is not repeatable here because my mom, neices, etc... are reading this, I suppose, but it wasn't nice. In camp, once I had a chance to catch my breath, drinking several cups of hot tea and rest for a bit I agreed with Pemba and Kame to try a summit bid on May 11th. Game on...

Just outside of C2 I met Pam, a BAA flight attendant climbing with Altitude Junkies, headed back to EBC and we exchanged pleasantries and took pictures. She wasn't feeling well and I later learned that she flew out to Kathmandu.