Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

2 May 2009 : Summit Rotation Information!

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Everest Basecamp

Hi Everyone, I hope that all's well with you! My apologies for not updating the cybercast more timely, but I was having severe internet difficulty for the past couple weeks. I have taken the time today to update the daily blogs, so you should be more caught up on what's going on with me, so please read the daily blogs.

Today is a rest day here in BC for me. I have a few days before my summit bid, so I'm not sure if I'll stay in BC or descent lower down the Khumbu valley to rejuvente. Stay tuned.

Yesterday I returned from my Camp 3 rotation, which was my final pre-summit rotation and taking a much deserved rest day here in Base Camp today. All the prep work for the summit bid behind us, we now turn our focus on the summit rotation. Pemba, Kame and I have had numerous discussions about summit dates, logistics, etc... We feel that we have put in the required preparation to have a successful summit bid. Pemba and Kame are both taking rest days in BC today. Tomorrow they will head to C2 and from there they will each go to the South Col 2 times to prepare our camp for the summit bid. I can't say enough about how strong these guys are, but more than anything, they want to help me reach my goal of standing on the summit of Everest. As of now, we intend to leave BC on May 7 or 8, most likely the 8, for our summit bid with an intended summit date of May 12th.

There was a huge avalanche here in BC today that covered a significant portion of the icefall and showered BC with snow. Very scary, especially since there were climbers in the icefall at the time. Everyone's safe and the icefall doctors were very quick to repair the route.