Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

30 April 2009 : Camp 3 (24,000 ft)!

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C3 perch

I really wasn't sure what to expect of my climb to C3 today, but it was a very good climbing day. The climb up to C3 on the Lhotse face was enjoyable and Pemba and I were happy to get here. Our tent platform is just wide enough for the tent. Kame hacked out the upper hill side of the platform and created blocks from the refuge that he used to flatten out the lower section. Inside the tent is nice and cozy, but outside there's no room to maneuver, so you're basically confined to the inside of the tent. The views from here are spectacular, that's if you have the energy or desire to enjoy them. My acclimatization is going very well. Here at C3 my initial resting heart rate is pretty high, but has come down quickly. Every movement is an effort.

Kame took a double load of supplies to the South Col today as preparation for our impending summit bid. Good stuff.

Lots’ going on here on Everest, but nothing that I want to be concerned with my guess is that a lot of teams will try for an early summit bid.