Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

29 April 2009 : Kame has fixed Camp3!

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Paul and Karen doing battle

Today is a rest day for me here at C2, but not for Kame. He has successfuuly hacked out a platform for our tentsite at C3, approximately 24,000 ft. I won't even imagine the effort that it took him, but I'll be sure to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Today I'm resting at C2 in preparation for my C3 visit tomorrow.

I'm also trying to keep tabs on Paul and Karen, who left camp at 12:30 AM, via a 2-way radio that they gave me and constantly watching their progress on the face. They are like specks climbing the face. Unfortunately they didn't make the ridge, but they did achieve their goal of scouting Everest for Paul's son's impending Everest 2010 Expedition. They rolled back into camp at about 9 PM very tired, but otherwise doing well.