Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

20 April 2009 : Miracle at EBC

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Climbers in BC waiting for their next rotation

Today was another rest day, but I managed to get through an entire 90-minute sequence of Bikram Yoga without missing a posture, although the Fix-Firm was very difficult. Yes, I consider this a miracle!

Pemba and Kame brought loads to camp 2 today. They left at 4 AM and got to C2 in 4+ hours. To my knowledge, there is no public transportation available between BC and C2, including yak travel, so I'm guessing that they ran. Hmmm...

Climbers resting in BC

Karma orchestrated the relocation of my tent site off the perch of ice that is was sitting on and managed to get it onto flatter ground with sand and rock between the ice and the tent. I rather like it. Lots of people in BC are resting and waiting for their next rotation.

The worlds highest ever cricket match will be taking place in Gorak Shep tomorrow, which the docs are planning to attend. Maybe I'll go, maybe I won't. I'll wait until tomorrow to decide.