Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

17 April 2009 : feeling good

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Everst dancing with the clouds

Pemba and I woke up feeling good and to nice weather, so we decided to go to camp 2 and have a look at things. I didn't break any speed record getting there, but I made it there without Pemba offering his Mariah Carey buff as motivation for me to giddy up. At Camp 2 I met Scott and we spoke for awhile. Earlier he had called his friends at the space station to say hello - cool! A couple hours later Pemba and I headed back to C1 to relax. I tried very hard to get Pemba to go back to C2 the next day to spend the night, since I was feeling very good and acclimating well and this would expedite my acclimatizing schedule, but no such luck. We were low on supplies and needed to head down. All's well at C1 and my acclimatizing schedule is going well

At C2 with Scott

Kame made to C1 from BC in about an hour today. He went ahead to C2 to setup and passed us on his way back to BC today.

Pemba - Can I jump this crevasse

In the Cwm going to C2 with C1 in the background