Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

14 April 2009: A good look at the climbing route from PC

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A good look at the climbing route from PC

Karma, one of the kitchen help came to meet me at Gorak Shep for the Pumori Camp 1 acclimatization run. After saying bye to my friends who were feeling better, Karma and I headed off on our trek. A quarter the way up Kala Pathar, we stopped for breakfast and to enjoy the views and the weather. The trails were varied and fun. By varied I mean sometimes I could see a trail and other times it was imaginary, but I followed Karma like an obedient sheep. At one point Karma gave me two options to get to PC 1 - I took one look at the first option and instantly started walking the other direction. Basically the trail looked like I needed wings, paddles and kayak, maybe a plane, among other things, to navigate it. Not even yak tracks were there. We made it to PC 1 feeling good and I felt like this was my best acclimatization run to date. We had lunch and then got out of there pretty fast because the weather was getting ominous with 1 karat size snowflakes falling.

Karma on the trail to Pumori C1

Karma is a very quite but capable guide and an aspiring climbing Sherpa. Although small in stature and very humble, he's super strong and very confident. He's married with 2 kids. He and his wife farm when he's not working.
Pemba and Kame had a successful run to Camp 1 today to setup camp. It's obvious that I wasn't with them because they left camp at 5 AM and we back before lunch. We're making progress! Several climbers went up to C1 for their acclimatization run.