Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

13 April 2009: After a leisure breakfast Pemba, Kame and I went for a casual jaunt....

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Peter, Melissa and Ed

After a leisure breakfast Pemba, Kame and I went for a casual jaunt in the icefall, now that the Puja has taken place and we're cleared to climb. The route is completed almost to camp 1 and this year it is supposedly very good and not as crazy as previous years. We got to just below the popcorn section, so named because it is so jumbled that it looks like popcorn. Something about the icefall makes it fun, despite the many imminent dangers it poses. Many sherpas went to camp 1 today to establish camp and a few went to camp 2, although the route is not yet secured by the icefall doctors.

Pemba in the Icefal

Back in camp I relaxed for the afternoon and got ready for an acclimatization hike to Pumori Camp 1. Atabout 3 PM I got a note from a trekking guide that I had a visitor at the EBC Bakery. Turns out that it wasfriends that I had met while I was in Kathmandu. One of them, Ratna, wasn't feeling well, so I had Dr Ericto weigh in. He administered some drugs and then employed the first three rules of altitude sickness - descend, descend, descend. Later I went to Gorakshep with Eric's Oxymeter to make sure things were fine. I decided to spend the night in Gorakshep because it was too late and dark to head back to EBC.

Rohan and Kame in the icefall