Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

10 April 2009: Kaala Patar

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Everest from KP

I woke up this morning feeling great, so Pemba, Kame and I decided to go to KP. We said goodbye to Luanne and Gray and went over to IMG's camp to asked Scott to join us to KP, but he declined, because he was knackered from his icefall venture the previous day.

EBC from KP

Off to KP we went! We got more than half way down the Gorak Shep trail in 30 minutes and then veered off the trail unto Yak/Billy Goat/No-man’s land/rock strewn/boulder path to KP. It was a gorgeous day to summit KP and we got a lot of great pictures. After an hour or so I was very slow getting to the summit and back to camp, despite having strong lungs and legs. I later found out that I was having an allergic reaction in my GI track to my sports drink, which had soy and peanuts. Better to find out now than later on summit day. I'm very very impressed with the way Kame and Pemba worked together today. They

gave me the feeling of confidence. I'll nickname Kame "Father-Kame" because of how protective he was of me today, whether or not I needed it. Pemba I'll call BG for Billy Goat Pemba, due to his always active, happy-go-lucky and smiling self. They complement each other well. Kame at 45 is wise and strong and usually lets 30 yo Pemba runs and jumps all he wants, that is, until he thinks otherwise.

Rohan, Mike Hamill and Scott

The icefall doctors are making good progress fixing the route to camp 1. Our sherpas will not go into the icefall though, or for that matter, touch our climbing gear, until we have our Puja blessing to bless everything. Eric and I find it quite funny that we can't nail down the exact date of our Puja, but we go with the flow. The Sherpas are trying to find a Lama to make it happen. As of now it could be the 11th or the 12th. I'm not sure when we will venture into the icefall, but I remain excited watching the other climbers explore it. Tomorrow will definitely be a rest day.

Summit of KP - pointing to Everest


Rohan, Kame and Pemba pointing to Everest