Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

9 April 2009: Rest Day

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HRA-Peak Promotion BC

My first night in EBC was interrupted quite a bit for bathroom breaks, which means that I'm acclimatizing well. The overnight temperature in my tent was 14 degrees F! Wow, my number one concern was taking a shower in the morning. Despite the cold, I was out of my tent by 6 AM to walk around and take pictures. Most of the time I looked at the icefall with lusting eyes, but I know to be patient. The solitude and the scenery all make it worthwhile. Later I moved into the kitchen tent with the sherpas to talk with them and get to know them. Several cups of hot tea later and I was feeling warm and fuzzy inside. At about 8:30 AM the climbing sherpas, Pemba and Kame, joined me in the cook tent for breakfast. They had already been having tea in their tent since 7. They are like rock stars - as soon as they sat down everything they wanted was in front of them. At that point I requested breakfast at 7 AM in the cook tent every morning that I'm in BC. Food is served from a menu that we order from every meal.


Shower, laundry and clean clothes, yeah!!! I spent a lot of time talking with the docs today and we're becoming fast friends. They are intrigued that I'm the first Jamaican / African American male to summit Everest. Dr Eric Goodman remembers working with Glastonbury, CT native Sophia Dannenberg, the first African American to summit Everest, in 2006. They have adopted me and volunteered to be my peanut gallery. Dr. Eric offered me a Top Out oxygen mask today. Amazingly, this is the one issue that I didn't like about Peak Promotion and it may be solved. He and I both agreed that this is good karma!

HRA-Peak Promotion EBC



The cook staff surprised Luanne and Gary with a goodbye cake after dinner. It was delicious!

Because the HRA is stationed here, we get a lot of visitors. We had trekkers in camp today, so I laid low while they were here. I did the standing series of Bikram yoga today, but only ever other posture - it felt breathless, but great.