Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

6 April 2009: Lobuche the morning we left for Gorak Shep

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Lobuche the morning we left for Gorak Shep

It was a beautiful sun-shiny day and we got to Lobuche feeling pretty good today! On the way up Dhugla hill I ran into 10 times Everest summiteers Dave Hahn and his client, a 16 year old American female attempting to become the youngest American female to summit Everest. In Lobuche we checked into the Eco Lodge aka Ecoli Lodge because of the vast number of people who get sick there, and got recognized again. Melissa Arnott, an RMI Everest guide from last year came over to say hello. She said she wasn't sure if was me but Ed Viesturs vouched for me and said I'm a nice guy. Yeah, Ed and me go way back, one day, but he remembers me. Cool! As it turns out RMI has a huge team on the mountain working for Eddie Bauer to promote a line of technical gear - First Ascent. The team includes Ed Viesturs and Melissa who are both climbing without oxygen, Dave Hahn, Peter Whittaker, etc... It was pretty cool to be able to talk to these famous mountaineers.


Phula with a rest day under his belt basically ran to Lobuche. I can't tell if he pressure breath today because he was out my sight and usually you can see for at least a mile up the trail.


Peter, Melissa and Rohan

Pemba and I are doing well! He's funny and sociable, so he's always talking to other sherpas along the trail.


Phula and Pemba on the trail to Lobuche