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Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

5 April 2009: I recognized World famous mountaineer Ed Viesturs...

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Mt. Makalu

Today is an acclimatization day in Dingboche, so we decided to hike up to lower Nangakarsang, elevation 16,800 feet with our new friend Erik from Holland. On the way up we saw two guys practically sprinting up the hill, needless to say, we were quite intrigued. That is until I recognized World famous mountaineer Ed Viesturs. A quick photo op and conversation and he was on his way. He was with a friend that was struggling to keep up and finally got dusted like the rest of us mere mortals. It was cool to hang with him for a couple minutes. We made it up to Nangakarsang feeling good and spend about an hour or so up there. Back in the Family Lodge I had three lunches, because I was very hungry, a definite sign that I'm acclimatizing well. We relaxed for the remainder of the day getting ready for our move to Lobuche tomorrow.

Ed Viesturs and-Rohan

On the way out of Namche we got passed by a group of women so fast, it seems as if I wasn't moving. One of them kicked me in the heel and when I spun around she zoomed by me. I guess I was too slow. They were staying in the same lodge as us in Dingboche and as it turns out, they are the Croatian all-female team. Pemba said they were manufactured, not reproduced - I agree.


Pemba and Erik

Pemba is 30 y.o. and got married when he was 21 to a girl that was 15. A year later they had a son and now has three kids: 2 sons and a daughter. He's a comedian and keeps me laughing all day long. We're becoming very good friends, so I feel very lucky to have him to trek with to BC. In BC we'll meet Kame, my other Sherpa.
Pemba and Rohan