Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

4 April 2009: Once in Pangboche, we got blessed by the Head Monk...

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Rohan and Phula along the-trail and the view of Mt. Amadablam

04 April 2009, The Himalaya is quickly presenting its true colors: hole in the ground for a toilet, cold temps, thin air, wet wipe baths and the likes, but the scenery sure does make it all worthwhile. The trail from Phortse to Pangboche is cut into the side of a mountain, is very expose and goes up and down very steeply, but the advantage is that you seldom see people here (we passed three people, unlike the main trail that's constantly filled with people). At times it's a mere inches wide and very exposed, but those are the reasons I choose it. Phortse and Pangboche are reknowned for producing some of the best and strongest climbing sherpas.

Ama Dablam with Everest upper left

Once in Pangboche, we got blessed by the Head Monk at his home. Pemba is Budhist and will not let us climb without this. We also have to past the Manis (prayer stones) on the left. We got to Dingboche feeling pretty good and spend the afternoon relaxing.


Phula with Tenboche Monastery in the background

Update on Phula: I heard him took a deep breath today as he raced up a steep inclined. Deep is relative, because my deep is 10 seconds, his is 2 seconds, but I heard it! No, I don't have picture to prove it. Pemba sings and talks his way along the trail and I pressure breath.