Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

3 April 2009: The trail from Namche to Phortse is up and down...

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Trai to Mangola: Namche is a fun place to be because of the hustle and bustle. It has all the conveniences: flush toilets, phone, internet, shower, and shopping. Shopping is fun because everything is negotiable. i.e. I paid 400 Rupees for prayer beads that were offered at 1000 rupees 10 feet away. Pemba saw a buff with Mariah Carey and got very excited, so I got it for him. He says everyone will want to be his friend at BC. Despite all this, it felt good to get away from Namche.

Pemba with Mariah carey Buff

The trail from Namche to Phortse is up and down, but mostly up. You have to climb up to 13,000 feet to Mongla Village before dropping down 1000 feet to Phortse Thanga River and then climb back up 500 ft to Phortse. We are happy to get to Phortse! On the the way to Phortse you get some awesome views of Ama Dablam, Everest, Lhotse and Tengboche.


Phortse Village

Phula's breathing pattern did not improve today, despite him having loads on his back. Once I tried to follow him and three paces later I gave up because that how quickly my normalized heart rate shot up.



Phula with loads and Pemba going up to Mongola

So far all's going as well as can be expected, except for the one time I called into work. I can't remember the last time i got so upset, but i'm back to normal. Again, I got recognized along the trial. Until next time. Cheers, Rohan and Pemba