Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

2 April 2009: The altitude is beginning to kick in, but not too bad yet...

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Today Pemba, Phula, one of our porter, and I cruised over to Kumjung for lunch. It was cloudy, so we didn't have the normal great views; hence, we couldn't see Everest, but my head was still bobbing enough for me to kick my toes a time or two. The altitude is beginning to kick in, but not too bad yet.
Thamserku Mountain

Not even the floors in Namche are flat and as a result to get anywhere from Namche you have two options: steep climbing or steep descending. Think twice before you pick going down, because this kinda down is sustained. From Namche we climbed about 1500 feet and then drop down 300 ft into Kumjung. Phula doesn't believe in breathing oxygen and Pemba isn't much better, so while I practice pressure breathing of sorts, they chatted and sprinted. I told Phula that he looked tired and offered to carry him, but, with a very puzzled look on his face, he declined my offer while laughing hysterically - oh well.

Stupa in Khumjung.

Today I ran into several more people that recognized me - small world up here. Tomorrow we'll move to Phortse. So far all's going according to plan. Compared to last year, things are progressing much smoother and better. Cheers, Rohan

Phula resting at the Everest View Lodge