Daily Dispatches

Title: USA/JAMAICA Everest Expedition 2009

1 April 2009: The day started with a with a 4 hour wait...

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Pemba and I rolled into Namche at 7 PM to the glare of his headlamp and let me tell you, we were happy to get here. The last 90 minutes of the today's trek ended with a climb up to Namche. We made it half way up the hill in 30 minutes and took an hour to crawl up the other half. Correction on that - I crawled and Pemba moved at my speed, if you call what I did speed. We were so tired that we were falling asleep at dinner and ended up going to bed at 8 or so.
Pemba and Rohan at Lukla airport

The day started with a with a 4 hour wait to catch a flight from Kahmandu to Lukla, because Kathmandu was covered in fog until 9 AM. We had lunch in Lukla, setup our porters and departed for Phakding at 12:15 PM. At about 2 we were in Phakding and decided to push on to Namche, but we had to wait an hour for the porters, so that we could get stuff for overnight. My pack got much heavier with the excess gear, but I move relatively quickly. I wonder if I can ride my mountain bike up Namche hill?

Several people in Kathmandu and Namche recognized me from year - how about that? Makes me feel like an old Everest veteran. I'm feeling great! Cheers, Rohan.