4 May 2009 : participate in Parents Day at The Acme Academy

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Today we were invited to participate in Parents Day at The Acme Academy (TAA) in Katmandu. TAA is a school and Mr Wongshu is a member of the Advisory Board. The school has about 150 pupils. Some of them are boarding pupils.

We looked at different performances by the students including dancing. At the end we were invited to dance with the children. Everyone was very excited and happy. We had brought some small gifts to the school which we handed over. We were very happy to see enthusiastic children, teachers and parents.

In the evening Mr Wongshu had invited us to the restaurant Rom Doodles. A classical and fascinating place in Katmandu where all summit expeditions celebrate a successful climbing. We were invited to fill in a footprint about our expedition. We noticed footprints from Ed Hillary, Reinhold Messner and Goran Kropp.