28 April 2009 : Attacking Everest Base-Camp

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Finally the day for attacking Everest Base-Camp! We started in bright sunshine as usual and in good spirits. The track never seemed to end – rocks, stones, ice and so on made the trekking rather tough. The difference in altitude was about 300 meters, but it was very much up and down.

When we first time saw the many and colorful tents at the Base-Camp, the motivation raised, but the distance never seemed to decrease. Anyhow we arrived at BC at lunchtime. We were greeted by the staff of Peak Promotion and were served a great lunch by the chief-cook Pemba Sherpa.

We also met the two HRA’s (Himalayan Rescue Association) doctors at base camp. They were both interested in having a Sport-psychologist at the BC. Klaus immediately offered his services.

It was a marvelous feeling, very difficult to describe in words, to be surrounded by the highest mountains in the world. We will never forget that feeling!

On our way back, we met a Danish guy. His task was to leave a message from World Wild Life Foundation at the top of Mt. Everest.
We were very tired but satisfied when we came back to the camp because we had achieved our goal: to reach at Everest Base Camp. Mission Completed!

Bjorn was the leader today and looked in very good in shape. And he looked worried about not having shaved. He is a professor in Corrosion Science. He has two children and five grand children. One of his main interests is music and he plays trumpet in a Jazz big band in Stockholm. His sense of
humor is very good. He has also a lot of other interest like hunting, cross country; downhill skiing and other out-door activities. Now he is fond of trekking in the Himalaya of Nepal.