27 April 2009 : We finally arrived at Gorak Shep

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On the map it looked so simple, but this was going to be the hardest trek for us so far. It was up and down up and down all the time but at two o’clock we finally arrived at Gorak Shep. And there we saw our own tents. Our porters had packed the tents pasted us and put up the tents again. That’s impressive.

We immediately fell asleep and after one hour we got lunch. After one or more sleep we were finally ready for acclimatization halfway up Kala Pathaar. Back to camp and dinner. Then blog-time.

We can easily feel that being above 5000 meters really affects you. And that’s because at this altitude there is only half the oxygen compared to see-level.

We are looking forward to a good night’s sleep in our very warm sleeping bags in our tents made for three persons even if we are only two in each that leaves some space for the luggage.

And now waits the two most important days with the expedition – Kala Pathaar and the Base-Camp!