26 April 2009 : Our next adventure day

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Today was our next adventure day. We packed our baggage before breakfast. We started our day trek to Lobuche around 9 am. Dawa, Tendi and were ready to escort us for the next adventure day.

We had lunch at Thukla. After one hour rest, we continued the up wards along the steep trail. After 1 hour 30 minutes we finished the vertical way. We reached to the place where there are lots of memorial monuments of those climbers who died while climbing Mt. Everest including Babu Chhiri and Scot Fisher. Scot Fisher died in 1996 during the huge tragedy of Everest Expedition and Babu Chhiri died in 2001. He fell down in crevice below 200meters. He is a famous record holder climber of Nepal. The memorial place is a good place to take rest. Many monuments are covered by Prayer Flag.
We crossed the small bridge at Thukla. The river starts from Everest Base Camp. The Khumbu Glacier River sweeps the bridge in every monsoon time due to the heavy flood. So the shape of the river and the trail always changes

Richard took yellow doll from his pocket and placed near the prayer Flag. Then suddenly took camera to photograph.

Our tents were already set up when we reached the camp site. We put our bags and duffle bags inside the tent. Then we decided to have a group pictures with all 17 expedition members with the banner that Peak Promotion made for us.

Cheers! We made it to Lobuche at 4950 m. tomorrow our next camp will be at Gorakshep at 5250 m.