18 April 2009 : Arrived in Katmandu

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After a very long flight, Stockholm-Doha-Katmandu, with very little sleep we arrived in Katmandu at 5 in the afternoon. We were met by one of the most famous expedition leaders on Mt Everest, Mr. Wongchu Sherpa himself. We had met him before in Stockholm and it was very nice the recognize his friendly face in the crowds at the airport.

Mr Wongchu took us to the Samsara hotel. Samsara means “the circle of life” and already during the short tour through Katmandu we could see that Katmandu is not like Stockholm. To put it short: “it is the opposite”!
After arriving at the hotel we were taken to a Welcome-dinner at the Tamel-house. Local good tasting dishes of many different kinds and dancing performance by local dancers for most of the evening. This was our last chance for a beer! During the expedition up to 5.600 meters alcohol makes you more sensitive to high altitude illness.