11 April 2009: I can't wait to return someday!...

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Well, I've left Nepal! The re- immersion process has begin...drink , drink, snack, eat, drink, drink, movie, drink, sleep,... drink, drink, snack, eat, drink, drink, movie, drink,... And so on and so on and so....

I left the hotel in Katmandu loaded with katas (farewell silk scarfs) and gifts galore! Wongchu Sherpa personally took me to the airport and in standard fashion had more contacts in Airport administration and Thai airlines than I could comprehend. I was whisked through the hoards to arrive at the check-in desk with no waiting while everyone else struggled to understand who I was to receive all this special attention. With a Leatherman as a gift in my carry-on, all I had to do was tell the automatic rifle armed security guard that it was a present for Wongchu and I was "cleared" to proceed.

I am now somewhere over Asia losing elevation towards Bangkok, Thailand. Everyone was in great health and spirits when I left; busily picking up last minute knick-knacks for loved ones back home. We had a wonderful night out last night full of pizza and soft-serve ice cream and recalling both the highlights and lowlights of our collective experience. It has been a wonderful trip and one I'm sure to dwell on long onto the future.

I can't wait to return someday!

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