8 April/09 April 2009: Ending our time in the Khumbu...

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Ending our time in the Khumbu - We spent our last night in the Khumbu at a joint dinner including trekkers, Sherpas, Porters and Wongchu. It was very bittersweet. We honored the Sherpas and Porters with gifts and then ended the evening with singing and Sherpa dancing. These guys really know how to cut loose and shake a leg.
Thursday morning started with our last wake up tea at 5:30 followed by luggage out the door at 6 am. We left amidst tears, draped by Khatas (good luck scarves) given to us by all our support team. Wongchu once again performed magic, and we were whisked through the airport likes kings and queens for the first flight of the day to Kathmandu.
Arrived at hotel by 8:30, quickly showered, and headed off to the Tibetan Refugee Camp to look at carpets. Stopped along the way near Parliament where we had Chinese food, and listened to Protesters rioting in the street. Wongchu was worn out but once again put our needs at the top of his priority list.
Ed flies out tomorrow, followed by Jason on Saturday, and the rest of us on Sunday. We are all anxious to return home, but sad to have this amazing experience come to an end.
Michelle & Rita