3 April 2009: The gang is mostly here...

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The gang is mostly here - a few lagging behind with gastrointestinal issues but the majority of the Everest ER trekking support group, complete with the 2009 season doctors, have arrived on a sunny beautiful day in Everest base camp. A few of the advance crew arrived in time to attend a puja ceremony for the icefall doctors - the strong Sherpas who haul the 5000 meters of rope and over 40 ladders up to set the climbing route in the hazardous Khumbu icefall.

The group will take a little rest and then start the work of raising the medical tent and setting up shop.

Tashi delek! - Luanne Freer

We finally made it to Base Camp. For some of us, this is our Everest. We feel strong and proud. For others, this is like coming home to an old friend. And for others, this is just the beginning of many more treks to come.

We all came for different and for similar reasons. We challenged ourselves, our bodies, our minds and our souls. We formed new friendships and now we all share a common bond. We created memories together that will always be with us. Thank you fellow trekkers for sharing in my memories.
Kathleen Devine, Tetonia, ID

Well I am not sure what has been said before but if I repeat something it probably needs to be said... Peak Promotions Nepal has gone a incredible job taking care if us, the Sherpas, the Porters, and the head boss Mr. Wongchu.... Wow you only need to think it and it magically appears we were served tea on the trail today, yes that is right, after delivering our bags to base camp they brought down hot tea, hot lemon and cookies.   We arrived at Base camp today and it is like walking into another world.  It is hard to believe that I am even here!  Five days ago my head was hanging over a hot steam and "sancho" bowl after receiving consults from Dr. Eric, Dr. Luanne, and Dr. VJ from Africa,
but that may be for another story and yes photos were taken.  It worked and I was the first one from our group to walk in to base camp, I was told that I was slow and should leave earlier because I was ready.  I took at least a hundred photos in the three hour trip and I can't wait to share them with all of you.  I promised Bob that I would wish his wife a Happy Anniversary from half way around the word.  We are all having the time of our lives and wish all of you were here to enjoy it with us.  -Kelly Circle