22 Mar 2009: Team in Kathmandu...

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Eric Johnson, Michelle Johnson and Rita James arrived on 15 March. They have been hanging around in Kathmandu for some time and Eric has been preparing the medicines and other things for Base Camp clinic.

Luanne Freer and Gary Mathews arrived on 19 March by Korean air flight from Seoul. This is Luanne’s 16th visit to Nepal and Khumbu region but this is the first time for Gary. Luanne has been guiding Gary around in Kathmandu

Mike Johnson (Eric’s brother) and Melinda Johnson (Eric’s neice) arrived late night on Friday, 20 March. Eric and Ram went to the airport to pick them up and transferred them to Samsara Resort.

Jeff Thomson and Blake family arrived on 21 March. Rob and Wendy Blake brought their sons Mitchell (15 yrs) and Duncan (12 yrs) on this trip. Mitchell is in 2nd year of High School and Duncan is on the 6th grade.

Bob Foster, Ed Schauster, Kelly Circle and Kathelene DeVine arrived on 22 March by Thai flight. They were the last to arrive. Now the groups is complete


As the entire group members finally arrived in Kathmandu, today we had the group briefing at the Samsara Resort. Ram from Peak Promotion explained about the trek and provided everyone the itinerary and map.

After group briefing, Peak Promotion organized traditional Nepali welcome dinner at Thamel House restaurant. Everybody really enjoyed the momos (dumplins), Dal Bhat (Nepali set meal with rice, lentils and vegetables) and Rakshi (home made rice wine).