November 04, 2008: On this, the last day of the trek...

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Dru Saren

We awoke in Landrunk and, as usual, we were brought hot water to wash and hot coffee or tea by our wonderful staff. Our breakfast outdoors again afforded us spectacular views.

On this, the last day of the trek, I would like to sing the praises of our cook, Pasang. He traveled ahead of us and prepared our meals in the kitchens of the restaurants we passed or the guest houses in which we stayed. Each meal every day was savory, nourishing and delicious. Many meals we ordered individually and at other times he introduced us to the wonderful cuisine of Nepal. None of us will forget apple porridge and apple pancakes and we learned to eat Dal Bhat, Momos, and the most satisfying soups we have ever eaten.

We set off through the town and around the deep valley. Today was first day that was not sunny. This made us appreciate how lucky we had been in the great weather we had, but it also kept us cooler. As we wound around the valley we saw an eagle. We passed through the small villages of Tolka and climbed up to Bhichok. We continued through the Deurali pass, climbing around 1500 feet with not as much effort as we might have expected. Many of us took heart in how much stronger we had become over the course of this trek.