November 03, 2008: This morning we enjoyed a leisurely (for us) breakfast ...

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Kathy Caskey

This morning we enjoyed a leisurely (for us) breakfast on the patio in front of our Ghandruk hotel.We left Ghandruk reluctantly because Annapurna Guest House was pretty luxurious, meaning hot showers in our rooms. It would have been great to have had an extra day there to recuperate from our various ailments but the guest house was all ready reserved and not able to accommodate our change in plans. So off we went with determination, wet hankies, and some sore butts. And once again we went down, down, down, the mountain and back up, up, up the other side.

The views during our breathing breaks were so incredible that we just couldn’t complain. Words fail to express the majesty of this place. So we got past our aches and pains and personal limitations to reach today’s “summit”, a small village called Landruk. We’ve been sitting outside our rooms, attempting to read, but mostly being distracted by the beautiful flowers that surround this place, a volleyball game between our guides, porters, and the locals, and the far off views of the steep, green hillsides.

This trek is an experience for me like no other. I did not know that I would be able to meet the physical challenges, and I have never been so far from home. The women that I am trekking with are fun and interesting, and supportive in that special way of women. The guides are always present and taking care of us in that special that seems to be Nepalese. Could I have made this journey without this group? I don’t know but I am so glad that I am here.