November 02, 2008: We all made it safely, with some extra support for ...

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Diana Browning Wright reporting

After a solid night of sleep at Tadopani, we enthusiastically (or stoicallly) headed downhill to our wonderful lodge at Ghandruk. We saw Langur monkeys both in Tadopani and on the trail. What a treat! The 5 of us landed in time for hot showers and a rest in the sun, with some laundry duty, anxiously awaiting news of the three who came next. We all made it safely, with some extra support for those struggling with colds, etc., thanks to our ever present and encouraging Sherpa guides, students and porter .What a pleasure to be guided by them. I will be back!

For me, this is my return to trekking in Nepal after a 33 year lapse. The people are so friendly, with the ever present Namaste (I salute the spirit within you) greeting. Electricity and guest services have arrived now, and people’s lives are definitely enhanced by the improvements. Simultaneously, a traditional way of life is still here, with smoke filled kitchens, and wood as the primary heat. The view from our rooms in Ghandruk is of a panorama of Himalayan peaks, and the pink at sunset was breathtaking! An avalanche has washed out our proposed trail, so we have unanimously voted for a layover here to rest for some, and day hike for others. To be anywhere here is incredible. Wong Chu graciously described his earlier trips in the 80s to this valley on our guided village tour during our afternoon of leisure.